Skin is an important part of your body and different types exist. All the different types have different characteristics and those entail that they are treated differently. This article describes each skin type, then details the ways in which they should be taken care of as well as recommending products to use in order to take care of them.

Your skin is an extremely important part of your body and one of the first things people notice about you. As such taking care of it is important therefore you need to make sure to use the right products. The problem is most people have different skin types and understanding your skin type is the most important thing for ensuring healthy and beautiful skin.

Normal Skin

It is a skin type that is tricky to define since the word normal itself is a subject term however, for many it is a skin type that can tolerate most products without major reactions. This type of skin is the best for many people and only needs to be maintained and cleansed semi-regularly. 2 amazing cleansers for normal skin types:

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Skin care tips

Oily Skin

Oily skin is the one which secretes natural oils, and this allows the skin to remain moisturized. However, in the case of oily skin, the skin overdoes it and secretes extreme amounts of oil, especially for those with larger pores. This can lead to the skin breaking out and an oily film on your face throughout the day. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that it cannot be dry as well since Oily skin still can be dry. It is recommended to hydrate the skin with hyaluronic acid, which is present in many moisturizers.  Below you can shop two oily skin cleansers.

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Dry Skin

The easiest way to see if you have dry skin is if it seems to be dull and lifeless especially with regards to dry skin on the face. The skin looks this way since there is an upper layer of dead skin cells and since light reflects off them in several different directions it looks dull. However, if the skin is hydrated the smooth surface reflects the light in an even manner.

Did you know that hot showers and sun exposures are to be avoided as well as avoiding over-exfoliation of the skin. Dry skin can happen as we age however, keep away from any products that have detergents or sulfates in them. For moisturizing it is recommended to use a creamy product and not a lotion. Below I list 2 two amazing products for dry skin.

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Dry Skin

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is extremely prone to inflammation and can have several blemishes like acne, or dermatitis which is a type of red rash. It can also get stung and burned easily. Since people with this type are prone to have strong reactions to a lot of different creams therefore it is recommended to avoid harsh compounds.

People with acne need to especially avoid isopropyl Myristate, which is often found in hair products. Along with that alcohol, friction and stress need to be avoided as well. Usually, this isn’t a permanent skin type and only comes about through over-exfoliation and thus using some products can alleviate it. Here are 2 awesome cleansers for sensitive skin:

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To read more about sensitive skin here.

Sensitive skin

Combination Skin

There is no set definition for combination skin, and many think it might not even be an actual skin type. For many, their T zone is oilier compared to the rest of their face. In some cases, their lips can be especially dry. Therefore, it is best to use the product to alleviate oil production in those few areas.

2 fantastic cleansers for combinations skin:

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Here is a handy skin-type chart you can save and pin for later!

Skin type guide

In conclusion, it is important to remember that different people have different skin types and each skin type has different characteristics and ways of acting. It is important that you research and identify the type of skin that you have since it will allow you to understand how to take care of it and what products to use with it.

Knowing your skin type can help when choosing the proper skincare products. I hope this article was beneficial and helped give you clarity about your skintype. 

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