There are some days that you can’t avoid that pesky zit or crazy under eye bags. Maybe you had a lack of sleep or a long stressful weekend at work and your skin is lacking that extra oomph. Whatever the case may be, I have discovered 4 beauty tools to help solve your woes. They each serve different functions, and whether you want to help reduce under eye bags, reduce the swelling of a pimple, tone your face, or simply cleanse your skin thoroughly, the tools I list in this article will surely help your skin.

4 skincare tools that I currently use on the regular just to help relax, soothe, or thoroughly cleanse my skin are pictured in the image below:

4 Essential Skincare Tools

Ice Roller – I use the Ice roller if I feel like my eyes are puffy in the morning. It’s a handheld device that is composed of water and gel that is stored in the freezer. I use it when I am ready to depuff my under eye area. It also helps calm and soothe your skin. You just roll the ice roller gently across the eye area from the inner corner of the eyes outward to the temple area and repeat three times. If you feel like a pimple is coming, this tool also helps minimize swelling of the pimple and reduce redness of the skin.

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The Nuface Toning Device is a great device to tone the overall facial skin and prevent aging of the skin by toning your facial structure. I already notice an improvement in my skin’s complexion and jawline after less than a month of using it. I Highly recommend this toning device!

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My rose quartz facial roller–I recently talked about how to use a jade roller (it’s still in my skincare highlights video on Instagram. Jade rollers are soothing to the skin and help stimulate lymphatic drainage and help remove toxins from the skin. They are an ancient Chinese beauty tool. Quartz stone is a naturally cool stone that, helps to improve and encourage the flow of fresh oxygen to the skin. If you want to learn more about jade rollers, you can read my article HERE.

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*Clarisonic Mia Brush – I use my Clarisonic Mia brush daily to help properly cleanse my skin. They have a newer version of the Clarisonic face brush called the “Clarisonic Mia Smart” in the market today. This brush definitely gives your skin a thorough cleanse in comparison to just using your hands to cleanse your face. The features of this brush as stated by Clarisonic are to “visibly minimize pores and under-eye puffiness, create firmer-feeling contours, and allow for flawless makeup blending.” My brush came with a travel case and I take it with me whenever I travel. I use the sensitive brush head, but there are different preferences you can choose based on your skin type.

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4 Essential Facial Tools to Achieve Glowing Skin

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